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Advance Directive For Mental Health Treatment

An advance directive is a legal document that allows a person living with mental illness to make decisions in advance about treatment in the event of a psychiatric crisis. These decisions include but are not limited to medications, short-term admission to a treatment facility, electroshock therapy, and outpatient services. In the state of Louisiana, the person’s treatment team must follow the  advance directive unless the chosen treatments prove ineffective.

Creating an advance directive must be the choice of the person living with mental illness, and a physician or psychologist must deem them capable of making reasoned decisions at the time of its creation.

Once this packet has been completed, copies should be given to the person’s mental healthcare providers, family members the person decides should have it, whoever is appointed to make decisions for the person in the event of a crisis (if applicable), and  anyone else involved in their healthcare.

DOWNLOAD: Louisiana Advance Directive For Mental Health Treatment

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